What`s a Successful Essay

I’m going to take you through you know the process of writing what we like to call your perfect essay when it comes to applying to US schools you know most of the stuff is pretty you know self-explanatory you know when they ask you for your SAT or a CT scores you know what that is it’s the test you just need to get this course I don’t know when they ask you for your high school transcripts it’s pretty simple as well we can just go set up your transcripts that’s part of the process they will generally ask you you know for most schools these days are asking you to complete an essay and there’s you know while they give you some guidelines and they give you the question. Learn more about how to write a successful essay on¬†Edusson.

Giving you the actual information that you need to actually write a great essay isn’t really something that they’re providing to you so what I want to do today is really talk to you about some things that you should make sure you do do some things you want to avoid there’s some little tips that help you along that process this you know presentation will only take about let’s say fifteen to twenty minutes I really want to turn things over to you to see if you have any questions about you know writing an essay or about the admission process about Rutgers about anything so that’s really what we’re going to do let’s let me stop the video here and let me actually turn this over to fullscreen you should be seeing now just you know the PowerPoint presentation so just a quick little bit about myself again you know I’m the assistant director of international recruitment here at Rutgers University.

I’ve been in higher education for over nine years now and I mentioned that because I’ve worked with students you know throughout the process of study in the u.s. you know I actually work here in admissions now but I’ve also worked in international student services in student life and the Dean of Students office so I’ve seen students come through you know the process and come through and get accepted to colleges and I’ve seen the good and the bad that can happen when it comes to these essays and I talk about that a little later so the overview brilliant this presentation again we’re going to talk about you know what first goes wrong in admission destiny and things you want to avoid and then really about what you want to do to make sure that you write the best essay that you can first thing so getting started the most common mistake that we see we are the missions offices in the u.s. when it comes to students writing admissions essays number one with that question is not answering the question when students write you know essays you know the answer our questions but they have to realize that our questions are different for a reason.