Lesson Observation

The Idea of Classroom Observations

Classroom observations were invented long time ago after inception of schools. Since the students had things to measure their performance such as tests and examinations, these inspections for teachers were developed for a similar purpose. It is different because an administrator joins the rest of the students during an ongoing lesson so as to observe the way this particular teacher conducts his or her lessons.

There are outcomes in this entire plan. The need for this is to provide the tutor with an honest opinion on the goings which was observed during that particular time. This is fully in line with assisting him or her on how to better class management techniques. On the other hands, the school management uses such for evaluation of the job before deciding on rewards.

It comes in two plans; both official and unofficial. Under these two, the teacher is aware and unaware until the last-minute of the intended examination. While the lesson is ongoing, the observer is seriously taking note of all the happenings within the classroom. It can be in form of both writing notes and recording or any of these two. These findings will come in handy in report preparation concerning what was seen.

Official and unofficial arrangements are best used for a given purpose. This is about creating the right impression of what is truly going on and not just mere cooperation in order to impress the observer. This happens where some teachers have known of the intended scrutiny for some days now. This is where the unofficial arrangement comes into play so as to dispel such things.

At the end of it all, a teacher comes to understand the need for these two. One cannot live on the falsehood for long. With studies, a teacher has to always give in his or her best as it is the only way of building these students to better careers and performance in future. For this matter, it is of high advantage to the instructor concerned.

The ground for carrying out regular examinations is basically for two reasons; the aspects of time and space. For time, it is about how the teacher spends the allocated minutes or hours in tackling a given topic. The transcript that is issued later on is always helpful in this aspect since it shows clearly where to create the necessary balance.

The spacing aspect is another function of this exercise. In regular classes, a lot of activity that in unrelated to what the teacher is teaching usually goes on at the back in comparison to the front. An observer sitting that the back is capable to see this and his or her report will help a teacher to deal with it and get more ways of involving each and every student in the ongoing lesson.

Many educational protagonists view classroom observations as the best way in helping to improve the studies within the institutes of learning. With an outcome of a report on these findings, it is usually best for the person to use it positively in improving the learning experience.