The Diversity Essay

Is it really just about nationality and ethnicity how do you approach the diversity essay could you give a little bit more concrete suggestions on that one so basically there have been several questions about the diversity the diversity essay mission is asks how do you address diversity essays is it talking about previous experience they basically want to see that you that you are going to bring something unique to their campus and that could be anything that could be through your activities that could be through you know your the languages that you speak or you know the experiences that you’ve had that sets you apart so you really want to make sure that you cover it you know from an authentic perspective from you so in everybody’s different of them could have a unique combination of things in their background. Read examples of diversity essays at¬†Robotdon.

But it’s really important that you make sure that you cover it in terms of what you bring that’s unique to the table okay great Leigh wants to know what did I want to know about you when schools ask you about how do you see your future in 15 years so they’re looking to see you know what your career goals are they’re looking to speed you know how much you’ve thought about what you want to do with your medical education so often they want to see whether you want to work in private practice or to a hospital or academic medicine or if you’re interested in working in free clinics or looking at global medicine so just gives them a better idea of where your goals are when you start out this doesn’t mean that you have to do everything that you say you’re going to do but it just gives them an idea of how realistic your understanding of what you’re getting yourself into is basically you know how much you know about the field and how much you thought about the area you want to go into and perhaps how much exposure you’ve had to it in the past okay great Rachel asks are there any strategies on how to address an institutional action on a secondary investment some kind of academic discipline yeah.

So those can be anything from cheating to getting asked to leave the university for having a low GPA so it’s a wide range of things being placed on academic probation would also be a situation that you would have to discuss so for this short essay they basically want to know how you address the situation so I have seen students you know get accepted into medical school who’ve had to respond to this type of question but the thing that they have in common is that they’re honest and covering what the situation was in stating the facts and then they show a clear improvement or they show a clear understanding of what was done that was not helpful and how to improve on that and then they demonstrate you know that they’ve improved that they’ve overcome the situation are the challenges by improving their academics if you were placed on academic probation or perhaps you know if someone was caught cheating that they learned you know the the rules of plagiarism or whatever the situation was and that it never happened again.