Research Paper Writing

Research Paper Sources Assignment

Your task for today is to find THREE sources for your research paper. At least one of them must be from
a peer­reviewed scholarly journal. The other two must be from credible sources. I will walk you
through how to find them. Let’s get started!

Step One: Choosing Keywords

Keywords matter. When you are searching for articles, don’t just type your entire topic into the
search bar. Use the nouns in your topic, and don’t use the small words (conjunctions, adjectives,
prepositions). Using those small words will narrow your results unnecessarily. You can also use
keywords relating to PARTS of your topic, in order to find sources to help you with specific
areas within your topic of research paper.

For example:

Topic: How do art therapists use abstract art when treating clients?
Keyword search 1: art therapy abstract clients treatment
Keyword search 2 (for parts of topic): art therapy depression

Wherever you have the option, check the boxes in the search bar for “peer­reviewed” and “full
text” to get more useful results. These options are usually found under Advanced Search.

Step Two: Where to Look for Research Paper Sources

Here are some good places to find peer­reviewed scholarly journal articles (remember, you need
at least one): (not all free, many results are book titles which you can
request from your local library) (science and technology) (free full texts of scholarly books) (free full texts of scholarly books in the humanities and
social sciences) (a database of databases. Choose a country and
search the databases of the colleges who are members. Not super user friendly, but lots of
information) (records on living condition statistics worldwide) (free access to thousands of primary sources (art, diaries,
journals, music) in many subjects) (free academic articles from many disciplines)

If you are looking for a source which is not from a peer­reviewed scholarly journal, you may use
a standard Google search. However, only choose articles which come from websites which end
in .org, .edu or .gov. NO WIKIPEDIA or Yahoo Answers. Books in print are also acceptable.
You will need to obtain these yourself.