Essay Writing

Essay Directions and Rubric

How is the essay organized?  Does it flow nicely or are there abrupt changes?  Are different topics separated by paragraphs?
Paper must be your own words, or no more than 10% cited quotes.  To receive the most points, there should be no directly copied sentences that are uncited.
Essay should use correct grammar, punctuation, spelling and writing rules.
Does the essay show a consistent writing style?  Are the paragraphs similar in structure?  The essay should be consistent throughout (i.e.  One paragraph is long and detailed while others are short and abrupt.)  This is the most unique part of the essay, showing how you write and your personal style.
Does the introduction show your thesis?  It should have enough detail to capture the reader’s interest and hint on what information you are going to share.
Does it wrap up your essay, reminding the reader of what they have been told?
If you have included any quotes, are they correctly cited and included in your bibliography?  Or, you did not use any quotes.
Sub-total for Essay
Did you include at least 10 sources?
Were all your sources reputable and accurate?   No Wikipedia, Google, Yahoo, etc.
Your bibliography should be in either MLA or APA format. You will be marked down if you have simply included URL’s instead of an appropriate bibliography.
Sub-total for Bibliography
Sources should all be printed and attached to your essay.  I should be able to find most of your information from your essay in a source.
This essay requires you to highlight your sources, so you can easily find useful information.  I expect your sources to be highlighted with information that you used in your paper.  Not all highlighting needs to be included in the paper, but all information in your paper needs to be highlighted.
Sub-total for Sources
Your outline is your organization tool for your paper.  Each heading should be a different paragraph or sub-topic in your paper. I should be able to match your outline to your paper for details and organization.
Every fact in your outline should be cited.  If you have multiple facts for a topic from one source, you cite the topic.  Just remember, the reader should be able to easily move from your outline to the source where the fact was found
Sub-total for Outline
Sub-Total for all sections
A late penalty of 10% per day late will be subtracted from your subtotal.