A Simple Way To Learn How To Write A Story

The first few pages should captivate the target reader, and make them want to follow the story all the way from cover to cover.

The popular essay writing service reccomends, once you have the reader’s attention, you need to continue to improve on this, introducing other sub characters within the story, and build on the existing relationships between them, their backgrounds and of course, their particular roles within it.

What If You Have No Ideas For Your Short Story?

Writer’s block – there will come a time where you want to put pen to paper, but unfortunately nothing happens! This is a common problem for writers who are looking to get into the publishing world, and a lot of the time it is down to personal confidence and self assurance in their ability as a writer. Once you get over this, you’ll be writing out page after page without realising how much time you have spent, and how far you have got either!

There are plenty of sources to generate ideas for stories

So, if you are stuck on what to write for your next story, here are some ideas on topics which you could choose from:

  •         Action and adventure stories
  •         Comedy
  •         Drama
  •         Crime stories (including murder mysteries)
  •         Science fiction
  •         Fiction
  •         History literature
  •         Romance and love
  •         Poetry (why not?)

There of course many topics of which you can choose from, but those listed above are a great starting point for your next story. Why not write fiction? These types of novels allow you to express your full creativity, conjure up your own story and write freely with only your imagination as your limit.

Once you have chosen a topic, then you can proceed with planning the storyline, and this should help you overcome the writer’s block.

How About Writing Methods?

There are many tips and tricks publicized upon many websites and introductory courses to writing, all promising to be the best method of getting your story from an idea, to a complete written draft – but do they work?

The answer to this is both Yes and No. Why? Because if you are stuck and need structure to creating your story, then following a popular and proven method to help you expand on the storyline and piece everything together, is a sure fire way to do that. One of the most popular methods being the “ Snowflake Method “.